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We’ve all suffered this type of feeling before – go with the Midwest business you can trust!


There’s nothing worse for a small business than dropping many hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the promise of a salesman only to have the company they represent fail to deliver. And yet it happens far too often.

So much so that we felt like we needed to include a page not just about what we promise you – but what we promise we will never do as a partner of your marketing efforts.

So without further ado, when you decide to work with us after your FREE initial consultation, you can rest easy knowing the following facts:


We Will NEVER:

  • Outsource the writing to untrained freelancers who give back generic text and fluff that Google and other search engines will hate
  • Outsource the programming and design overseas to India or The Philippines
  • Upsell you on any product that won’t have a powerful impact on your business
  • Charge you ridiculous amounts for hosting and upkeep
  • Keep the copyright to the text we create for you. Once you pay for it, that information is yours forever, whether you stay with us or not!
  • Charge you for the basic SEO that should always come with a new business website (in our opinion)
  • Provide a cookie cutter website from a short list of templates
  • Go outside the U.S. for labor. Writers, designers, tech support – it’s all 100% in-house in the United States
  • We will never choose profits over doing you (and your business) right
  • Cut corners
  • Deliver less than what we promise

Every single customer we have is important to us, and their business is important to us.

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